Hi, I am Laura Finke, a freelance illustrator and media designer from Germany. With my work I seek for that second, closer look to trigger the viewer’s mental reaction. For me it is important to leave a message or tell a story by creating nonexistent combinations of at times bizarre elements. Using or constructing symbols and individual pictorial metaphors helps to describe the relevant topic.

Things I'm passionate about

Flowing organic forms. Contrasts of any kind – be it colours, contents or forms. Travelling and exploring countries, ethnicities and society. Interpersonal communication and behaviour, thus self-reflection. I love the magic of art nouveau! Provocation is allowed. Poems. Cafés. Botany, flora and fauna, also insects. Anatomy! Microscopic images and science. Spirituality – sometimes psychedelic stuff. Being surrounded by an oriental atmosphere – the colours, smells, patterns and sounds. Fairy tales and the wonderland. Forests – I love trees and their massive roots. Domes and baroque architecture. The interweaving of dreams. One love!

Laura Finke


Since Feb. 2019: Artist / Workshop Instructor
ArtNight GmbH

2016 – 2018: Apprenticeship: blaueQuelle GmbH & Co. KG Göttingen, Germany
(Designer for Digital & Print Media)

2010 – 2014: Academy Minerva Groningen, the Netherlands
(Bachelor of Design, Illustration & Animation)

WS 2012/13: University of the Arts Philadelphia, USA
(Illustration, Animation, Painting)


(upcoming) June 16 – 23, 2020: "Klimawandel", Künstlerhaus Göttingen, Germany

2020: Parallax Art Fair London, United Kingdom

2014: Graduation Exhibition "The Launch" Groningen, the Netherlands

2014: Solo-Exhibition deerSTUDIO Berlin, Germany

2013: Group-Exhibition Illustratie 57 Groningen, the Netherlands

2011: Group-Exhibition at Poppodium Simplon Groningen, the Netherlands

Commissions & Collaborations

Mural Painting 'Collision' (teamwork)
De Nacht van Kunst & Wetenschap 2013
Groningen, the Netherlands

Mural Painting 'Collision' (teamwork)
De Nacht van Kunst & Wetenschap 2014
Groningen, the Netherlands

2013 – 2014: Longboard Designs for WoodBoards
Groningen, the Netherlands

Stage Designs for Paradigm Festival 2014
Groningen, the Netherlands

July – October 2015: Artist and Creative Director
at Birdnest Collective Guesthouse
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Christmas Market 2015: stall-design
by order of blaueQuelle, Göttingen, Germany

Illustrations for an explainer video (marketing of a new heating system) by order of K-risma and blackbit

For questions, comments or commissions feel free to contact me: mail@laurafinke.de