Philly-Experience Tattoo

Paradigm Festival – Stage Design

WunschaBunt Logo Design

Grasspaper-Portrait Birthdaygirl

Sóleys Blue Leaves

Barefoot II Tattoo

Concussion I

Future Vision Corona –VonWegen Magazine

Equal II Sticker

Longboard: Indian Elephant

Literaturherbst Göttingen Advert

Female Empowerment

Concussion II

Faces I Have Met… In New Zealand

Mimic Art: Girl Group

Mimic Art: Fish Face

Human Rights – Clara Zetkin

Sóleys Bad Dream

Longboard: Cobra

Smartphone Usage In Presence Of Children

Mimic Art: Grumpy

Climate Change „4 Degrees“

Russian Wedding Invitation

Human Rights – Astrid Lindgren

Origin Of Belief

Faces I Have Met… In Dubai

A Bit Of A Loner

Longboard: Fractal Octopus

Human Rights – Emma Watson

Mimic Art: Thoughtful

Grasspaper-Portrait Babygirl

Equal II

Mimic Art: Couple Bite

Equal II Tattoo

Human Rights – Ai Weiwei

A Message Of Love

Risky Decision

Birdnest Guesthouse – Pheasants

Mimic Art: Sunny Boy

Flyer VeroSign

Menschen – Tiere – Natur

Smartphone Usage In Presence Of Children

Longboard: This Ain’t No Monkey Business


faktor Magazine „Stark bleiben“

Birdnest Guesthouse – Drongos

Baby Card Doodles

Mimic Art: Please Give Me A Smile

Travel Agency Doodles

Human Rights – Cesar Chavez

Plastic Garbage Patch

Mimic Art: Shy Smile